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“When I hear, I forget .... When I see, I remember .... When I do, I understand”

Welcome to Speech & Drama Athlone

The benefit of Speech and Drama is twofold: each student who attends a drama class should learn to have an appreciation of drama, acting and theatre but in a relaxed and friendly environment where the needs of the individual student are catered for. Students  work on theatre games, improvisation, scripts, mime, movement etc. but will also gain confidence, improve their social skills and work on inner development.

The basic priority of the Speech Class is the development of the voice. This will involve each student working on relaxation, breathing, resonance and articulation, but again in a relaxed atmosphere. The benefit of the Speech Class is that each student will work towards acquiring a clear, interesting voice and good communication skills, but will also have the reward of having completed an exam.

Students will be entered for grade examinations with The Leinster School of Music, Speech and Drama in Effective Communications, Public Speaking, Solo Acting and Speech and Drama. These exams are optional. Of course, beginners are always welcome!

Little People Big Voices

Learning and Laughing do go together! Through my unique style, creative movement and communication games, young children develop the confidence and skill to express their own ideas. And because the classes are such fun, Little People want to come back week after week!

Children love to play make-believe, especially when there’s a grown-up who wants to join in. I feel it is very important that we are all part of the one group, not me and them! I use a wonderful storytellers guide where the young actors step inside the story, become a characters, and bring the imagined world to their lives.

Intro to Speech & Drama

 Elocution, Speech and Drama

  • Great Fun!
  • Develops an Awareness of Performance Skills.
  • Develops an Awareness of Working with Others and Team Spirit.
  • Provides an Introduction to Drama and Literature.
  • Encourages Individual Creative Styles.
  • Develops the Voice and Personal Awareness.
  • Improves Clarity and Fluency of Speech.
  • Improves Communications.
  • Increases Confidence.
  • Develops very important Interpersonal Skills.


Knowing how to speak with clear diction and how to enunciate well makes one much more responsive to different situations and people from all walks of life.

It gives added flexibility and boasts one’s confidence, as one feels more like an equal in conversations, allows one to steer conversations and also opens the door to any career and project’s a professional imagine.

The lessons adopt a fun approach towards learning and I incorporate various different methods towards teaching, for example games, activities, cooperative learning, and role play, instead of just lecturing.